Existing & New Construction – Residential & Commercial

Tuckpointing and Grinding

Proper grinding is a critical step for a long-lasting tuckpointing job. Basic Brothers union workers are trained to safely grind the joint without damaging the bricks surrounding areas and to provide the best service possible.

Concrete Structure Repair

ver the years, the reinforcement steel within the concrete begins to rust and expand which therefore causes the concrete to crack and deteriorate. Often times, this can also result in the concrete dislodging from the building and falling.

Lintel Replacement

Much of our work addresses deteriorated embedded steel, which can hide behind the cosmetic and structural issues within the masonry. This is caused by the steel deteriorating and expanding, which caused damage to the surrounding masonry.

Stone Repair and Replacement

Basic Brothers union workers can and do handle a number of stone repair and replacement services that include structural and surface repairs, entire stone replacement and stone indenting, as well as mortar repointing and all other traditional stone repairs.

Terra Cotta Repair and Restoration

Architectural terra cotta is a common 20th century building material found in many urban areas throughout the United States. Terra cotta’s use in varied climates, its special material characteristics, its integration with a building’s structural systems, and the fact the many terra cotta buildings have been in service for more than 100 years, makes terra cotta repair and restoration different than that of other cladding materials.

Brick Repair

Damaged, cracked, or severely deteriorated brick should almost always be sawed out of the wall and replaced with new units. If you don’t have extra matching bricks, leave it to Basic Brothers union workers to find the best available match.

Waterproofing of Masonry Walls

Walls are not subjected to standing water, but they are affected by moisture that can lead to structural damage, mold and more. Basic Brothers union workers apply a special coating that protects your masonry walls and adds to their life span and gives you peace of mind.

Restoration Cleaning

If the original beauty of your building is hidden by years and years of corrosion, soot and grime, Basic Brothers union workers can help.